Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smurfs are dobro in Hrvatska

Words fail me. This is incredible, yet a wee bit bizarre. Nearly 400 Croatian men, women and children dressed up as Smurfs in the hopes of breaking the world record. But they celebration turned to disappointment when they discovered they had found erroneous information on the Interweb and were still a few Smurfs short. I guess some crazy American college kids are the current title holders, which no doubt came about after some chick in the dorm bought boyshirts at Urban Outfitters with a faded "retro" Papa Smurf on the ass, which subsequently lead to Smurf mania taking over whatever dorm they lived in because of those uber-obscure retro pop culture references only made by the really cool underground hipsters who handle product assortment for Urban Outfitters. And then they decided to dress up as Smurfs because it was a really cool thing to do.

Ok. That's just my theory.

What don't they give world records for these days? But more importantly, I just want to know who decided to organize a bunch of people into a gaggle of live Smurfs. How much Sljivovica did you drink to come up with that idea?

But I did always think Gargamel was Serbian.

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