Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My thetans are smelling a conspiracy

Ok, ok. Hear me out. I think the Scientologists killed Heath Ledger. They had to do something to get out of the spotlight, right? Look what 9/11 did for Gary Condit!! Set up the supposed accidental death / suicide of an actor NO ONE was expecting to go so soon and boom, Tom Cruise's crazy rants are relegated to page five of the gossip blogs. But why Heath Ledger? Because he was in the "gay cowboy movie?" Or perhaps because Michelle Williams is a far better actress than her former Dawson's Creek co-star ever will be, oh, and since Ms. Holmes did get booted from The Dark Knight, which also stars Ledger as The Joker. Oh, and throw in some sleeping pills, which obviously proves "psych" drugs are bad and kill and should not be abused and will destroy the world, if not just those promising celebrities. So boom. Tom Cruise's anti-Xenu rants are sent temporarily to the back burner and he's the Hollywood version of Gary Condit.

It's really not so implausible, is it?

'Tis a shame, too, because I really liked Heath Ledger. Sometimes, you just get a hankering for a guy with just-past-the-chin hair. But most importantly, he was talented, which was obvious even in one of my favorite guilty pleasures, 10 Things I Hate About You. He brought me to tears in Brokeback Mountain. And as a huge Batman fan, I still cannot wait to see him as The Joker in The Dark Knight. But I guess its a fact of life, really, the talented ones go and we're left seeing unnecessary press on people in MTV pseudo-reality shows and people like
Tom Cruise making $20+ million a picture.

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