Friday, January 11, 2008

Every Kitchen Needs Butter Boy

Upon writing SEO content in my day job, I stumbled upon a most curious item.

Introducing Butter Boy. Butter Boy is a corn cob butterer, because in this day & age, why should you be expected to actually butter your ear of corn all by yourself. If there are remote controls, there should be corn cob butterers, right?

At first I thought I was just a bit of a sicko. My sense of humor leans towards the perverted or lewid at times. One look at Butter Boy and well...look at him.

But then I read the description of good ol' Butter Boy and that's when I was sold. This was not your average corn cob butterer (But then again, is there such a thing as an average corn cob buttering tool).

Butter Boy makes buttering your corn-on-the-cob fun and easy! Just insert a stick of butter, pop the top, and butter your corn. Put him in the refrigerator in between uses. Take him with you to barbeques, picnics, or just have fun with him when eating at home. The Butter Boy makes kids smile from ear to ear. Made of plastic and dishwasher-safe.

Come on! You know you're thinking the same nasty things I'm thinking, too! Read just a little bit more...have you gotten to the feature stating Butter Boy hugs the corn for easy gliding on of butter?

Hot butterly pleasure can now be yours. For $6 + shipping. Just admit it. You know you want a Butter Boy to call your own.

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