Friday, January 18, 2008

Shocking family confessions

I am suffering from a wicked hangover. Just in case you were wondering. But this is my first entry using my brand new MacBook Pro. And that's really effing cool.

I am now going to watch Celebrity Rehab. Because it will put things in perspective, knowing I'm not in nearly as bad shape as Jeff Conaway.

In other news, I drunk dialed my mother. I typically do this, so don't laugh. I know she loves it. If you know anything about my mother, you know that she's a die-hard Republican in name, yet will not come to terms with her closeted liberalism. I often tell her she raised me to think the way I think and her openness about certain subjects makes it impossible for her to be conservative. Because I'm drunk and filled with piss and vinegar, naturally I bring up politics. Instead of fighting...the most beautiful thing happened. The most beautiful and incredible thing in the history of political parental discourse. I notice she is not as combative to the things I am saying and I realize...I realize she may have begun coming around. She says she would vote for a democrat if they were the best person and she has done this before in the past. My hopes were buoyed when I discovered she does not like Huckabee, and she has better sense than to elect a Mormon. She doesn't like McCain's position on immigration. She will always bash Hilary, and that is fine, but as we've been occasionally discussing politics for the last few months, I have noticed she is completely and totally unable to express her dislike for one man. I continuously point this out, but this time, oh, there is something different in our conversation this time. She's not telling me to shut up or trying to change the subject with as much fervor as she usually does when I bring up such topics. I push a little more and she doesn't want to go there but it is too late to turn back. And it basically went down like this...

"Mom, if the election were held tomorrow, who would you vote for? If you do not answer this, your drunk daughter will not allow you to get off the phone."

"Well, the election isn't being held tomorrow -"

"Just say it, Mom, say it! Say it!"

"I don't know what you want me to admit."


"Fine. I would vote for Obama."

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