Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wanna write a convicted criminal?

I swear I've been productive today, but I did take a small break from productivity, watching a true crime show on A&E. Which led me to Crime Library. Which then led me to wondering about prison pen pals.

No. I do not want a prison pen pal, but I've always been curious about the people who seek out the incarcerated for online friendship. Born-again Christians intent on saving a soul or meeting like-minded individuals? Lonely women who would eagerly engage in coital activities with the Ted Bundys and Scott Petersons of the world?

So I began perusing some of these pen pal sites. There are quite a few of them out there. I wasn't so much looking for the profiles as I was sifting through the pages which lead to the actual profiles, for information about how they operate.

I then stumbled upon the most peculiar marketing photograph.

Just look at it. I imagine, judging by the model's attire, it's meant to suggest she is a prisoner longing for a pen pal. But wait. Is it the image of a woman who wants to write to an incarcerated man? She's in full make-up, her hair is styled and she dons semi-ornate earrings. Are the bars in the background to suggest she is in prison or do they serve as a simple metaphor for lonely women with a yen for dangerous men? Judging by the crude graphic design and model's appearance, it appears to have been created over a decade ago because brings to mind the opening credits for Saved By The Bell.

I just found this to be amusing. And now I'm wondering if it is stock photography found under the search term "prison" and the ilk. Who was the creative director on this shoot?

Why am I fascinated?

Ok. Must stop this inane curiosity. The productivity is slipping...

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