Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No more helicopters

In about 25 minutes, I'll take my camera outside and photograph the masses coverged upon my neighborhood to see the Red Sox go by in duck boats. Yes, I'm a fan. I'm glad they won, although I am a bit saddened to see today's children grow up to only know a time where their sports teams dominated the field and there was little question over such domination. A person can't really live without experiencing a decent amount of pain and frankly, the same holds true for professional sports. It's safe to say in 20 years, teetering-on-adulthood Yankees fans will be more well adjusted and more able to adequately deal with heartache than their New England counterparts.

Child psychology aside, I really just want these damned helicopters to quit circling overhead. It's getting old. I suspect Oskar is losing his mind, judging from his behavior over the past week. Or maybe not. But I'm getting a bit tired of the constant background noise.

Boring blog post for a Tuesday morning. Because Tuesday is a rather dull day if you think about it.

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