Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jesus Built My T-Shirt

Christian clothing fascinates me for some reason, typically pentecostal, ankle-length skirts paired with high-collared blouses, that sort of thing. But it can extend further than the obvious, especially as this emerging subculture of Christian hipsters appear to be exposing themselves outside the confines of acoustic youth ministry rock bands.

Do you call them Chipsters?

Call me a heathen, but I didn't understand some of the designs. Maybe I didn't look closely enough, but this Jesus Branded line is just um, I guess its sort of like those guys I went to high school with who sported pothead attire with floppy hair and chonging wood crosses around their necks. You always scratched your head when you saw them, because they seemed to be stoned. Or were they just high on Christ...I suppose I will never ever know. And I'm okay with that.

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