Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SATC: Episodes 1-3

Every 2 years or so, I seem to revisit Sex and the City. At least some of the episodes. On DVD. Don't do the syndication thing. I do it to glean different things as I get older. Lame, right? But seriously, for some reason I appreciate it on different levels during every biannual semi-marathon because of the wisdom age brings. Yeah, yeah. I just sounded completely gay. One of my few definitive "chick" things. So why not rewatch the episodes before the movie comes out? And this time, I'm gonna watch all of them.  

I just stubbed my toe and its throbbing in pain. And typing on my laptop in bed. It's so Carrie! No, I'm just kidding (about the last part).

I cannot understand how this show is 10 years old. I grow nostalgic for the time when you could smoke in public places and decide to break my personal rules and have one in my bed. Because I'm so Carrie Bradshaw! The job description "website creator" is mentioned in the same breath as "publishing executive" and some other stuff. The dial-up world was sooooo cute, wasn't it? I realize I celebrated my 30th birthday at Lucky Cheng's last year. My toe is throbbing. I wonder why they never brought back Kurt Harrington, who Carrie sleeps with "like a man" even though he screwed her over at ages 26, 29 and 31. Because in actuality, you bump into those a lot. I still don't get Charlotte and I still absoeffinglutely love Big. And my toe is still throbbing.

Models & Mortals
Did Carrie have more straight male friends when this show began? Oh wow, I forgot how large the cell phone was in 1998. "I believe there is curse put on the head of anybody who tries to fix up their friends." Amen, Carrie, Amen. The underwear model Stanford manages has odd jettisoning shoulder bones. My toe is still throbbing. I am wondering why I still live in Boston when NYC is so damn close. Not because I think this show is a realistic depiction, but because I like it better. "I thought I had come to terms with my looks when I turned 30...", uh oh, this changes? (SEE? Gleaning new things here, gleaning new things.)

Bay of Married Pigs
This episode begins with Carrie going to the Hamptons and carrying one of those atrocious Vera Bradley bag. I am now wondering if this is what made those dreadful things so popular. Vera Bradley bags are some of the most terrible things ever constructed of fabric. My toe may have stopped throbbing. Do I fear married people? Do they fear me? Do I think I'm the "marrying kind"? Have I ever been on a surprise fix-up? No. I would like to think my friends know better. The "marrying guy" is dreadful and reminding me of some really bad dates. If a guy busted out a baby mobile in front of me, I don't even know if I could be polite. Should I wear more dresses? Oh wow, the "angry wife" who retrieves her broker husband from Samantha is totally the chick who plays Stabler's baby factory on L&O: SVU. My head is spinning from this contemplation!

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