Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fun with Haiku (and American Idol)

Actually, if you want to get technical, I think I actually wrote senyru, which is a humorous satrical form of haiku (there is no mention of snow or leaves or transendental ponds).

I'm not going to even get into how all of this began, because I hate myself for watching such manipulative tripe (I blame the writer's strike). In any case, my weekly "commentary" evolved into haiku during the last round of ladies' semifinals.

(Note: I'm totally not racist, but sometimes that one dirty Japanese word is just fun to bust out on occasion. And I have no right making fun of anyone who can sing, as I am pretty much tone deaf)

#1 Asia'h
Asia'h, I don't like those pants

Or Whitney Houston
Remember "Crack is so whack!"

#2 Kady
Oh Kady, so very cute

I'm sad you will leave
I hardly knew thee

#3 Amanda
I want to drink beer with you

And clink our glasses
Before starting a bar brawl

#4 Carly
I think I like you Carly

But I am not sure
Just pour me a tall Guinness

#5 Kristy Lee
Oh, Kristy, I don't like you

Its not jealousy
It's just that you are boring

#6 Ramiele
Tiny Asian going home

Will find fame one day
There is always bukkake

#7 Brooke
When you sing, I see tofu

Though you might eat meat
But I bet you shop Whole Foods

#8 Syesha
Syesha, don't let me down

I know you are fun
Don't go and get all boring

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