Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ordering another Ice-T & Coco

Yeah. I admit it. I just love them. I will continue posting pictures of them whenever I feel like it because I adore them. I don't care if these pictures are old. I just love me some Ice-T and CoCo.

I wonder what they wear when they're just sitting around the house watching SVU reruns. I've read Kimmora Lee Simmons has the largest private collection of Louis Vuitton. CoCo is bound to have the largest private collection of fishnet.

They are the new American dream. Ice-T is a former Army Ranger and revered "father of gangsta music" who then became a semi-respected actor. CoCo, aka Nicole Austin, was obviously a girl with a vision (and a plastic surgeon) who made it into Playboy and assorted swimsuit catalogs.

You know they have a sense of humor about themselves and I seriously find that beautiful. CoCo isn't trying to be something she's not and I don't see her trying to launch any lame ass fragrance on the market. And Ice-T is just Ice-T. He doesn't have to be anything he's not because he's Ice mutha-f**king T. (Yeah, and I'm a big L&O fan.)

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Anonymous said...

Where can I get a rack like that?