Wednesday, September 06, 2006

EEEEEEK! (Second Coming of L. Ron / Freakboy's Little Sugarcube)

I am so ashamed to have two celebrity-related posts in a row, but this is just way too scary.

The first pictures of Suri Cruise have been released. There is just something slightly off about the child. I mean, it appears to be a normal healthy baby (I have never purported to be a medical expert), but if it truly is the spawn of Tom Cruise, something must be not right? (Not to mention how Scientologists feed babies with fruit juices. Yeah, um, what does that do to little baby gums?)

Some have described the child as looking like an Asian Elvis but I would rather liken it to a Bjork facsimile. Yet, Bjork is kind of cool so that would be insulting her. But it really does look like a miniature Bjork.

I just hope that Suri kid is somehow able to get some therapy when it grows up.

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