Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cheva Longoria

I can't really explain what irks me so much about Eva Longoria. I think it stems from the fact she portrays a "former NYC model" on
Desperate Housewives. I distinctly remember an episode in which she flashes back to her days on the runway.

I know TV is fake but she's 5'2". The only runway models that short do Petite Sophisticate shows at suburban shopping malls. Maybe she could have done a calendar showcasing drill bits, but runway model in NYC?

And I read something about her expanding her career to include writing erotic fiction. Um...yeah.

I got a kick out of these pictures because she obviously thinks she's some sort of revolutionary. Oh. And because they were supposedly taken while she was hanging out with Mario Lopez. I really hope the two of them were selling t-shirts to help out Screech.

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Anonymous said...

Too damned funny. You need to be a writer for SNL.