Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Monday

Its Monday and I'm in a semi-foul mood.

Here are some things you shouldn't be paying attention to while wasting time at work today:

Why is this "celebrity wedding" news? I would rather sit next to "Lard Ass" at that pie-eating contest than attend (or even) read about these nuptials.

Definition of irony. You know you don't want to admit it, and you feel bad doing it, but you read this article and sort of snickered to yourself. More of a snicker than a giggle. And you only did it once.

While that whole never-ending Iraq / Middle East debacle rages on, the U.S. has also managed to pretty much screw things up with Russia. Remember them? They're that really big country responsible for a bunch of dominating pairs figure skaters, Victoria's Secret models, mediocre tennis-playing blond sexpots and vodka. They also still have all those bombs that whole "Cold War" thing.

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