Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging via CrackBerry

The gig is up. After going nearly 12 long years, I have finally been called for jury duty. Its nice to see that my peers are such a wrecked bunch. I would take pictures if I could, but that seems a bit unethical. Perhaps they're pissed about being here, too. No one wants to do jury duty. I can't tell if I am as wrecked as the motley crew or just groggy from the bottle of Bogle syrah & 7 clove cigarettes.

Oooh. We are now watching a video narrated by some dignified female judge with one of those regional accents that's somewhere between Conneticut & Kennedy. I'm surprised they don't have Sam waterston doing these across the country. Maybe on a federal level? It would fit, honestly, especially since this whole process is beginning to remind me of waiting in line at EPCOT. You wait in line. You watch a video with some random personality, be it Gary Sinese or Steven Tyler. So far, its kind of like that except not as visually stimulating & I'm pretty sure no ride is awaiting me in the next room.

If they pick me, can I run for foreperson? Do they really have to explain what a trial is? If I was on trial, I wouldn't want anyone on my jury who just learned what a trial was in the pre-selection video.

I am babbling on about absolutely nothing.

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